Gr Ch. Devils And Fairies Flash Of The Blade "Mr Flash"

Name: Gr Ch. Devils And Fairies Flash Of The Blade (HUN) Frozen Semen Pet Name: Mr Flash Date of Birth: 18/07/2009
Colour: Black Brindle L2-HGA - Clear HC - Clear

Firstly I would like the thank Dr Csaba Csikos, breeder owner and also Mr Flashes co-owner Krisztian Farkas for allowing me to import semen from this outstanding boy. I began this process to bring the semen over from Hungry,  it does take weeks to actually get it here and a lot of paper work. But now that it is here, it is all safe and sound and stored for my girls in the future.
My feelings and opinions are that this boy is a great representation of the breed and will blend wonderful with my girls lines. I have put a fair bit of research into this decision I made in using the semen out of this dog. His pedigree will match up with my girl's Jazzie's pedigree back a few generations to some wonderful dogs. Mr Flash has so many virtues, strong head, great front., short coupled, has nice feet, his movement is great, ear set is lovely, and a nice dark eye. I feel he also has a good spring of rib, good depth to his chest, as well as nice length to his neck, just a lovely balanced dog and after reading every possible critique I could find on Mr Flash, he has a correct mouth, and a (good strong underjaw that I can see), I could go on and on.
These are the reasons why I have chosen to use the semen from Mr Flash, I think he will blend very nicely with my girls pedigree's at this stage...(but the proof is in the pudding) . I have looked at many, many photos of him and of dogs that are in his pedigree and the one dog that does make an impression on everyone is Ch. Stormbull Solo, he is such a beautiful dog.
Pedigrees are very important but in saying that, getting a look at some of the dogs in the flesh, that are in his and other pedigrees is wonderful if you are lucky enough to get the opportunity, to see the dogs and put your hands over them but unfortunately that is not always the case, and don't get that chance. W e only have photos and critiques and database websites to do our research of the dogs in pedigrees that we chose to use,  I have done almost everything in my power to look and study this dog, I have also looked at his progeny from different bitches that he has sired and his virtues seem to becoming through nicely.  So I believe I  have done as much as possible, except get my hands on him!!

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