I bred my first litter of Staffordshire Bull Terrier pups in January 1992.  The sire was Blythstaff Manish Boy and the dam was Desertstaff Soft Karma.  As I only have old photos from way back, I am in the process of putting them onto this page.  Marly was from my second litter in 1993, sire - Besstaff Casper to dam - Desertstaff Soft Karma.  Anthrax was from the third litter and Horse from the fourth litter with both parents being the same, sire - Baytyng Hard Head to dam - Desertstaff Soft Karma.

My bitch had 4 litters and the last two were sire by the boy in the pedigree below, which is sire was the lovely Aust Ch. Eastaff Likely Lad (Imp UK).

These pedigree's are of  my first two Staffords, I obtained my prefix in late 1990 but I did not breed my first litter until January 1992. I did not use the boy in this pedigree as he was to young and my girl was 20 months old at the time she had her first litter. 1992 was the year I first joined the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Queensland, I was very fortunate back then I had some awesome mentors that where a fountain of knowledge and helped me educate myself about this wonderful breed and I am still as passionate about this breed to day as I was back then.

My first two Staffords I had the pleasure of owning, my bitch I got in 1990 and my dog in 1991. 
I loved these dogs with all my heart and still miss them today, sometimes it makes me wonder "what was my life like before staffords?".......... Incomplete 
Unfortunately I only have a few photos of the dogs that I bred, Horse was entered in shows as a pup and won his classes and also won in his group classes, but did not continue his show career into  adulthood as  his owner had other commitments. But most of all he and my other babies became awesome companions for there new owners, I guess I was lucky to get the photo's I did because back then we all kept in touch by hand writing letters and sending photos in the post that was the way the new owners kept in touch, I will try and gather some more photo's soon.
My first litter 08/01/1992 Marley, who was loved so much right up to 2 months short of his 17th birthday R.I.P. - 2nd litter
Axlstaff Anthrax born  (third litter)   Axlstaff Horse born (fourth litter 1995)
"May all these wonderful dogs R.I.P. They have crossed over the Rainbow bridge to greener pastures and running with mum and dad once again"




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